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What's a Detox/Juice Cleanse?

Wait, what? You're suggesting I just drink juice all day?

If you only drink juice, you leave out every mistake. Let me explain. You leave out everything except supremely clean plant-based nutrition. On a juice cleanse that utilizes a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, you'll get everything your body needs from protein, carbohydrates, fat, organic salts, vitamins, and minerals. Raw juice is also alkalizing. That means it pulls endogenous acids (toxic material) directly from the cells and puts them back into the bloodstream where they can be picked up and expelled through the body's normal waste function..

Activated Charcoal

What is it? Activated charcoal is charcoal made from coconut, wood, coal or peat that's been heated with a gas that creates pores, essentially making it very absorbent. Traditionally, it's administered in emergency rooms to treat poisoning or drug overdoses.

How Many Days Should I Detox?

Let's first set things straight ok? Everyone is different and everyone has different goals and needs. So, how many days should you detox? Beginners: 3 to 5 days. Intermediate: 7 to 14 days. Expert: 14 to 45 days. Our most popular plans are going to be the three day and five day plans. 

No Coffee, No Tea, No Solid Foods??

Yup, that's right. A detox done the right way includes staying away from coffee, tea and solid foods. Now, we can't force you to do any of that...but we're just letting you know that it would be in your best interest to stay away from these things so your body can recuperate.

Which Juices Should I Choose and in What Order Do I drink Them?

It really doesn’t matter what juices you drink or in what order you drink them. This is a point we try to make to all our customers.

Drink the juices you like, whenever you like during a cleanse.

The goal is to drink as much juice as you feel comfortable. Juice floods the body with vitamins and minerals. When on a detox, don't limit yourself to just greens, by all means mix and match! 

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